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EufaulaFest 2019 Art Festival Application & Festival Fees

Application / Jury Fee - $20 Non-refundable. Upon selection, your jury fee will be applied to your booth space fee. 

Artist Single Booth - $75

Artist Double Booth - $150

Food Vendor Single Booth - $250

Food Vendor Double Booth - $400

Late Submission Fee - $30 (For applications that arrive after September 13 – September 20, 2019)

EufaulaFest provides:

  • Drive up unloading at our art festival/loading
  • Artist’s Hospitality Tent
  • Booth Sitters Available upon request
  • Overnight Police Patrols
  • On site security during the fine arts and crafts event 
  • Artist’s Dinner Saturday Evening.

Booth set up time:

Friday, October 11th,  3 – 6 p.m. Please check in at the hospitality tent on Randolph prior to setting up your booth.

Booths should be set-up and ready for business by 8:45 a.m. Saturday, October 12th.


EufaulaFest 2019 will recognize Art and Craft category entrants with ribbons and cash prizes with the following awards: Best of Show, Two Awards of Distinction, and Twelve Merit Awards. Award winners will automatically receive an invitation to return to EufaulaFest 2020. 

Publicity & Advertising

The Eufaula Barbour County Chamber of Commerce will utilize the following means of advertising to promote EufaulaFest: Print media advertising, regional media outlet coverage, event posters, electronic/digital bulletin boards, and digital media platforms. 

Artist’s Rules & Regulations

This is a juried fine arts and handmade crafts festival event. Artists may only show work in categories previously submitted to and approved by the jury. Only products that are approved by the jury will be allowed. All items sold inside the exhibitor’s booth must be the original work of the artist – no buy/sell merchandise will be allowed. All jewelry must be made by the artist – no manufactured or kit jewelry will be allowed. No commercially produced products will be allowed. 

Categories for EufaulaFest include Art, Craft and Made in the South. While Art and Craft categories are relatively self-explanatory, the Made in the South category needs an explanation. This category will pertain to items that are made from or with natural resources of our region. Honey, Jams & Jellies, handmade soaps, lotions, etc. would all be examples of items that would be categorized as Made in the South. Items in these categories, though extremely popular with our attendees, are not subject to inclusion in the EufaulaFest awards program. 

One artist per booth space; sharing of booth space is not allowed. Exhibitors cannot sublet or apportion space to anyone else. Set-up is allowed during designated times only. While the EufaulaFest Committee will make every effort to accommodate specific requests, we cannot guarantee booth locations. Booths must be set-up within their designated space. All booths will be located in the median on Randolph Avenue, under a canopy of oak trees. Electricity is not available for artist’s booths. Artists must provide their own tents, displays, chairs, tables, set-up equipment, change, etc. Tent weights of no less than 25 lbs are required for each booth set up in case of inclement weather. 

Artists and vendors must exhibit for the duration of the festival. Early breakdown will not be permitted. Those who choose to leave early may forfeit their invitation to future events. There is no rain date, so please come prepared, rain or shine. Booth must always be opened and manned during festival hours. No commercial agents may operate an artist’s booth. Exhibitors are responsible for booth set-up and break down. 

Booth set up time on Friday, October 11th will be from 3 – 6 p.m. Please check in at the hospitality tent on Randolph prior to setting up your booth. Booths should be set-up and ready for business by 8:45 a.m. Saturday. All debris is to be off of the street and cleared from the festival area by 8:45 a.m. After unloading and set-up, only one vehicle or trailer will be allowed to remain in the Randolph median. All other vehicles or trailers will be moved to the designated parking area. Please bring utility carts to transport goods and items to and from your vehicle/trailer/tent during the festival hours of operation. 

Music is restricted to pre-approved entertainment vendors only. No sound amplification equipment (i.e. portable radios, CD players, etc.) is allowed in the exhibit area. Musical entertainment will be scheduled by the festival committee and will be located in the median near the corner of Randolph and Daniel Place. Pets are welcome, but artists must ensure that all pets are quiet and are kept away from your customers and our guests. 

Food vendors must provide an exact and complete listing of the food items and beverages to be served, along with a price list for each item. Approved menu items and pricing must be clearly posted throughout the duration of the festival. Nothing may be offered for sale that is not listed as approved at the time of acceptance. Last minute changes are not allowed, and food vendors will be asked to remove unapproved items from sale. No alcoholic beverages are allowed. Electricity and water are not provided by EufaulaFest. Food vendors who are members of the Eufaula Barbour County Chamber of Commerce will receive a $50 discount on the booth fee. 

Grease/oil must be securely contained and removed from the premises at the conclusion of EufaulaFest. Food vendors are required to remove all refuse from the festival grounds and dispose of properly. No debris, boxes, etc. will be left at booth space. Food vendors must provide trash cans and must police said cans throughout the festival. 

Informational booths will not be a part of EufaulaFest. 

The EufaulaFest Committee reserves the right to limit any category to provide diversity of arts and crafts throughout EufaulaFest in order to provide artists a reasonable opportunity for successful sales. Additionally, EufaulaFest reserves the right to ask any exhibitor to remove any work deemed not acceptable by the EufaulaFest Committee. Please remember that this is a family event and will be attended by young children. Please, no frontal nudes. The Committee reserves the right to remove from our mailing list those exhibitors who display, or have displayed in the past, unprofessional behavior. EufaulaFest reserves the right to remove any exhibitor who does not adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the EufaulaFest Committee. 

EufaulaFest, the City of Eufaula, The Eufaula Barbour County Chamber of Commerce, The Eufaula Art Scene and any and all persons, property owners, suppliers, volunteers and entities associated with EufaulaFest are not liable for any damages, injury or loss to any person or goods from any cause whatsoever. All exhibitors, their heirs, administrators, and executors do hereby waive and release all of the above named from any and all claims or damages of whatever arises out of the exhibitors’ participation in EufaulaFest. Exhibitors should obtain, at their own expense, insurance against loss, damage, or injury that they may require.

SALES TAX: Vendors are responsible for Alabama Sales Tax collection and reporting and any other sales fees or other charges that may be applicable to any activity relating to the festival. Additionally, food vendors are responsible for complying with all State of Alabama health and safety regulations. 

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be made in writing and received prior to September 27, 2019. Email to with the subject line ATTN: EUFAULA FEST CANCELLATION. No phone calls please. On and after September 27, 2019, application/booth fees will not be refunded. 

Thank you for your interest in and support of EufaulaFest! We look forward to seeing you in October!