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Page 2: Submit Work Samples

  • Please note this online jury application is three  parts/pages. Please do not Submit Files, for review, until you’ve completed the first two parts of the application process. If you’re an artist start here, if you’re a food vendor start here.
  • Please have your work samples and other required documents (JPG or PDF no greater than 2MB) ready to send via email before you begin the application process. 

If you’ve completed your application on Page 1, proceed with the following and submit your work samples.

Prepare now, the following items for submission via email.

Artists: Submit 3 photos of current work, 1 photo of booth, and a short biography/artist’s statement.

Food Vendors: Submit proposed menu with pricing and list ALL items you want to be considered for sale.

• 4 photos (2 of food offered, 2 of trailer/service setup and a Vendor biography.

Email your work now.

Send your prepared work samples to this email address:

Your work will not be reviewed until we’ve received your $20 Jury Fee.